A cookie bar, or info bar, is a thin pop-up window, displayed at the bottom of your landing page, whenever a new user enters the page.

  • In order to set it up, please select a landing page on which you want to add the information about your cookies policy. Click "Settings" tab of your landing page.
  • Once the "Settings" tab is opened, select the "InfoBar" option.
  • Choose your InfoBar look from two different color schemes. We recommend a dark theme for a landing page with a bright graphic design or bright InfoBar for a landing page with a dark design. Enter the full text of your cookies policy and a button text, for example: "Yes, I agree,", "I understand" etc.
  • If you prefer, you can also add an URL address of full cookies policy, if you have it published on the other website. A user will be transferred to it right after clicking the accept button on the InfoBar. Thanks to that you do not have to paste all cookie policy text, just a short information on the InfoBar, e.g. "On this page, we use cookies policy."


You can create a separate landing page called "Cookies policy", publish it under the same domain (only with different address path), and paste the URL in the URL gap.

  • Once ready, click "Enable" button.

If you will need any other help let us know at support@landingi.com or via chat!

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