You can personalize the message for the user by displaying some of the form data on the conversion page.
It ensures a positive reception of users who want to feel "unique" :)

For this purpose:

  • Select the landing page which for you want to allow the data collected by the form, to be presented on the conversion page.
  • Go to the "Settings" tab and check "Insert lead data into dynamic text elements ", click "Save" and move into the editor.
  • Select "Edit" your form on the landing page editor.
  • Now you should select the form field which you want to display its data on the conversion page, e.g. "Full name".
    After that, click on "Advanced Options" and copy "Attribute name" (in this example it is "firstname"). Save and close.
  • By the next step, go to the conversion page.

  • Paste the "Attribute name" which was previously copied anywhere in the text, where you want to personalize the message. It must be preceded and ended with '%' characters.
  • When the user fills in the form on your landing page (the attribute from the form is placed on the conversion page), will see exactly what's typed in the form field on the landing page.

Personalized landing page is ready ;)

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