We give you an access to a very interesting feature! (or at least we think so :)) 

Using Labs, you can switch on and test some brand new features which are not yet available in the app on a regular basis.

This is the functionality where we present features planned to be released in the app. They are fully working features, during their final testing stage. This is how we gather feedback from our users, which will allow us to finalize working on these new features.

If you want to switch on some feature you have two ways:

  • Log into Landingi account and go to the "My account" tab or...

... click on "Labs" simply 😉

  • After clicked on "My account" you can see the "Labs" tab too.
    The features list will appears. 

If you want to enable a feature, move the switch to "Enabled".
To leave a feedback (we will be so grateful if you have do it 😉 ) click on "Give feedback" button.

If you have any questions, please let us know at support@landingi.com!

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