From this manual you will learn how to install install free SSL Let's Encrypt certificate by yourself in one click,
both on a new domains or on previously connected domains.

In other cases, take a look a t the manuals below:


Please, notice that we do not support SSL on "naked domains", without www, e.g.
It is possible to install the certificate on subdomains only, e.g. or

– in fact, the root domain with www is also a kind of subdomain.

All right, I want to have automatic, free Let's Encrypt SSL!

Great,  just follow the steps below:)

Procedure for new domain, doesn't connected with Landingi (scroll down for procedure for domains already added)

1. In Landingi app, go to the "Domains" tab on the left side of the menu and click "Add domain" button.

2. Add your domain to the account and click continue: 

3. You will se a board with instruction how to set up your domain (in the domain administration panel, outside of Landingi platform).

4. Log in into your domain provider admin panel, go to the DNS options and follow the instruction visible on the board.

When you will be ready, come back to Landingi app and click the button "I've done this". You will see an information about completed setup:

Our system skan DNS redirection for every newly added subdomains – during this time, next to the domain name the clock icon will be visible along with the message about checking the connection.


The process of installing SSL in some cases can take up to 24h, if DNS record were settled properly; it depends on number of domains in the installation queue.

If you made a mistake while entering DNS records, information about it won't be visible immediately. If our system won't be able to install SSL in a few attempts, after 72 hours the status of installation will change to "failed".

Procedure for domain connected previously with Landingi

1. In the "Domains" tab you will see all previously added domains. For insecure domains the icon on the left will be grey, and option "Install SSL" will be visible - you can add SSL by one click.

The process of installing SSL can take up to few hours.


This solution is not used for subdomains like:

You can choose automatic SSL for subdomains like

The reason of the above is that we do cannot install an SSL certificate for subdomains with third or more level.

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