There are two ways you can install SSL protocol on your landing pages.

  1. You can send your certificate to Landingi and we will install it on our server.
  2. We can install free SSL certificate for you.

Ad 1. To install SSL on your landing page you have to send us:

  • certificate file,
  • a private key,
  • intermediate certificate.

There are many types of certificates, such as:

  • certificate only for the root domain,
  • certificate for e.g. three specific domains,
  • wildcard certificate: that is for the root domain and all subdomains of the first level.

It is important for us, to receive such a certificate, which includes the exact number of domains and/or subdomains which you want to install SSL.

Ad 2. To receive a free Let's Encrypt SSL (for subdomains only!):


This solution is not used for subdomains like:

You can choose Let's Encrypt for subdomains like

It is caused that we do not install an SSL certificate for subdomains with third or more level.

2.1. First of all, you will have to redirect your subdomain to our CNAME alias -

2.2. If you redirect your page to landing page will not be available until SSL is installed. There will be a security warning instead.

2.3. After you redirect your domain to - please let us know via chat that you want us to install Free Let's Encrypt certificate for you.

You will have to wait up to 3 days before we finish the installation.

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