If you want to trigger a call when your visitors click on a button or a phone number on your landing page, you need to use the 'tel' attribute with the number you want to dial 

Once the telephone number is clicked, the link will activate the default calling application on a particular device, like Facetime, Skype or your phone call app. To make telephone number clickable and to call the number from the link you use the tel: attribute with the number you want to dial.

TIP: 💡
You can hide click-to-call on desktop view and leave it visible only on mobile view.

How to create a click-to-call button?

1. Go to the editor and click on the button settings.

2. Select 'Type" -> 'Redirect' tab. Paste your phone number in the following format: 'tel:606600600' and click 'Save and close'.

How to create a click-to-call phone number?

1. Go to the editor, click on the text widget and select the whole number.

2. Select a link type 'Redirect' and paste the link in a following format:  'tel:+48888888888', then click 'Save and close'.

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