Popup is a very useful feature, that will increase the dynamics of your landing page. The pop-up attracts users attention and focus it on an effect of some action or gives a possibility to make an action.
To add a popup into your project follow the way below 😊


  1. You should see the "Popups" tab on the main menu. Select "Create new popup" button.

2. If you do so, you will be automatically redirected to the editor. There you can design a popup window - when you click on its box, you can use available options from the right side of the window:

(1.) Changing the size of added widget,
(2.) Here you can assign a class to the popup and find ID of elements,
(3.) Appearance settings of popup (background, borders).

3. Once you've finished creating the popup, use the "Save" button at the top of the editor.

4. Once saved, go back to your account dashboard and open a landing page editor, where you want to place the popup.

5. When you are inside the editor, add an item that will make the popup appear after clicking (button, picture) and "Edit" this widget.

6. Find the "Show popup" tab here. Select the target popup which you created before from the drop-down list.
If you did not create it earlier, you can do it now 😊!
Use the "+" button, create a popup with instruction above and save changes.

7. To check the popup publish your landing page first, and test it to see if everything works properly. To do so, click the button with the popup added πŸ˜‰

If you have any problems with adding popups or other features, drop us a line πŸ˜‰

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