This time I would like to show you how to add and track events for each item on your landing page. You need to use JavaScript code for this.

1. Open the landing page editor. Then click on the element on which you want to track the event and select "Advanced" from the side panel. After that, copy the ID of this item and leave the editor.

2. Then go to the "JavaScript Code" tab and click on add a new script that will use the previously copied ID of the selected item.

3. To create it right, go to the Google Analytics for Developers page and copy the sample GA tracking code.

4. Now, go back to adding a JavaScript code - you have to call it right and enter according to the scheme that I present below:

$ ('#copiedIDfromtheeditor') .on ('click', function () {
ga ('send', 'event', 'name1' , 'name2' , 'name3' );
</ script>

In places "name1", "name ..." enter the data associated with your item, according to the scheme from the original Google Analytics code. Once you entered the code, save it.

5. After adding the code, go back to the editor and publish your landing page. Next, click on its address and switch on the developer tools with the right mouse button.

6. Look for an item on the landing page for which you assigned the tracking code. Click on it and check the "Console" tab at the bottom of the page.
If you click on an item and it does not generate errors, everything should be working correctly.

You can follow the selected items by assigning codes properly.

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