1. Google Web Fonts

  • first, click on the "Fonts" tab,
  • then click on "Add font",
  • select "Google Web Font",
  • next, select which font do you want to add,
  • once you have chosen, click "Add",
  • you can either start using the font at once or add another one,
  • added fonts will be available in the editor, among Landingi standard fonts.

2. Your custom fonts.

We strongly recommend using fonts in .woff or .tff formats, for they are supported by most commonly used browsers - Chrome and Firefox, and should be displayed correctly there.
However, you can choose to add fonts in other formats eg. .eot format, which is dedicated for Internet Explorer, but please notice that it can be displayed incorrectly in Chrome or Firefox:

  • to add your fonts, please click on the "Fonts" tab,
  • then click on "Add font",
  • choose "Custom font",
  • type the name of your font and upload the font files from your computer. Click "Add" when ready,
  • you have added a new font successfully to your account, and it is ready to be used in the editor.

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