1. What's the conversion page?

The conversion page is a page that user reaches after sending a form or clicking CTA button.

After using anywhere on landing page a form element, the editor automatically adds new card called "Conversion Page". All Landingi layouts with a form have an already made conversion page (system's conversion page).

If you're using a layout, remember to update the text on the conversion page.

If you made a landing page by yourself and used a form on it, remember to build a conversion page. It's editable the same way as the main landing page.

We recommend that you use on the conversion page elements and colors similar to those you used before, on the main landing page.
On the conversion page, you can put eg. thanks for filling in a form, button with eBook to download or address of a fan page on Facebook.

You can copy elements from the main page - individually and collectively - using
Ctrl + c command and paste elements to the conversion page by Ctrl + v command.

2. Default conversion page

If you are using landing page layout with form, you can switch to conversion page by clicking "Conversion page" card in the editor.

Change elements as you want and save changes by publishing your landing page.

3. Custom conversion page

The second case is where you design your conversion page. To make it looks good, go to edit it by clicking the "Conversion page" tab.


Once you published, the user can only go to the landing page if you have a contact form or a popup window with the option to redirect to the conversion page.

2. If you want to change the URL of conversion page, you can not do this with automatically redirected thank you page. Its URL contains a unique ID for each new lead.

Although, you can create a separate landing page to which a user will be directed after the conversion. Add the following script to your landing page under "JavaScript Codes" tab:

window.location.href = "

Place the address of the newly created landing page at domain.com to which you want to redirect a user.
Place it on the "Body Top" of the conversion page.

You can check how to add JavaScript codes here.

If you have any questions, please email us at support@landingi.com :)

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