1. Add a form

To easily add a contact form to your landing page, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Select a "Form" from the widgets panel on the left-hand side - drag and drop it to the selected location on your landing page.

2. Form Options

  • To enter form options, look at the icons in the top bar of the added form and select the pencil icon or double-click on the form area. The first tab displayed is a choice of form design and orientation - vertically or horizontally.

  • If you want to add or remove form fields, open the "Form fields" tab.

  • The right hand side form options applies to the field settings. There you can proceed to:
    1. Label - is the name of the field,
    2. Placeholder text - text displayed directly in the edit field,
    3. check "Required field" - makes it impossible to send the form without filling the field,
    4. Name attribute - fill this field when your form is integrated with an external software such as mailing tool. There should be the attribute name of a mapped field from the tool which the user integrated.
  • The next tab you can see is "Integrations" - here you can connect the form
    with some external tool.
    Depending on which one you use, integration is slightly different. You will find details about individual integration in our Knowledge Base in the "Integration" section.
  • Then you can paste the Google conversion code that tracks a traffic on your form.
  • And the last tab on the form options is an Autoresponder. If you want to send messages from your own email address, please take a look here.

If you want to send an autoresponder the form need to have an "E-mail" field.

3. Form appearance

You can customize a form appearance depending on your preferences.
On the right hand side of the editor, you will see options changing after click on the form area (background, fields).
For this purpose you have several possibilities:

  • change a form background,
  • a text editor and elements appearance,
  • a button design,
  • or padding between elements.

If you have any questions or doubts during the form configuring, please contact us at
support@landingi.com - we are waiting for you constantly :)

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