To create your landing design exactly as you planned you can customize a background for each section. You may set the background by adding an image or gradient.
To set a section background:

  1. Click on the selected section in your landing editor. On the right-hand side, you have the options panel, the name of the section will appear on the top (eg. Section 2),

2. You can change settings for the selected section there.
To add a background, the slider ON/OFF must be switched "ON". Click on a button "Upload image". To stretch the image to the entire section, select the "Full width" option,

3. After clicking the "Upload picture" button an image gallery will open. Please, select an image from the gallery and double click on it. If the gallery is empty upload the image form your drive,

4. There you see, when the picture is added to the section,

5. In the options panel, you can also suit the features and position of the image,

6. You can also upload gradient for section background. Click on a selected section to achieve this effect,

7. Move the background slider ON/OFF  to "ON" position. Select the "Gradient" tab,

8. Click on the "Color" circle (color picker) to set the gradient color and saturation of color (from 100% to 0%). The right circle sets gradient from the bottom, and the left-hand circle sets gradient from the top,

9. If you want to make page background visible beneath the gradient, you need to select the color circle for entire section and switch the color off with "Clear" button,

10. In this case, you will get the following effect.

This is it, well done!
I strongly recommend making use of other articles if you wish to make your landing pages look even better ;)

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