Sections are vital elements of your landing pages builds.
They are responsible for elements arrangement on your landing.

Elements adding

Every element which you add to your landing can be only in this section area. If you put some element outside the section, it won't be visible to your landing page.

  • You can use drag & drop to add a section, by dragging them to highlight place on hover (top or bottom view). After dropping in the best place, you may choose columns quantity which you want to set in the added section.

This match is very important for setting a mobile view after. The columns arrangement on mobile view depends on how many columns we chose before. It looks like:

1st column from the left-hand side on a desktop --> 1st column from top mobile.

Sections without divide on parts may create problems with wrong elements placing. That's why choose columns are very important.
To read more about mobile view, please check this article.

  • You can add every element to the section area - you cannot 'a section in a section'.

Section size

  • On the right-hand side you can see widget options and you can change a section size here (after hit this section by click). Also, you can drag arrows on the edge of the section.

An additional feature extends the entire landing page width from 960px to 1200px.

Now you can change the width of the view 😉

A background

  • Sections are great for setting landing page backgrounds - change color, image upload, gradient are available. To customize a background to the entire screen, you need to click in the "Full width" box above.

It is enough about basics of customize sections.
Remember to plan landing page layout carefully and select the appropriate number of columns. Following these tips will make your landing page displayed on different views effective :)

If you come across any issue, let us know at!

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