In our application, you have the ability to create a field that uploads files when filling in a form.
This is a very useful feature if you expect the user to leave you a desired information file, such as a CV during recruitment.

1. To add this field to the form correctly:

  • open form options,
  • click on the "Adjust" tab - Add element - File,
  • then validate the file field with the "Save and close" button,
  • once your landing page is ready, publish it and remember that a link to the file will be sent in email notifications.
    Depends on your current plan, it will be also available in 'Leads' tab on your Landingi account :)


Maximum file size to upload is 8mb.
Supported file formats are:

- .jpg,
- .png,
- .pdf,
- .txt,
- .doc,
- .docx,
- .bmp,
- .xls,
- .xml.

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