This is an example of a Facebook Tab Page:

If you want to put something similar to your Facebook Fanpage, then you are in the right place! 😊
Before you start, bear in mind you need to create a landing page with an SSL certificate.
After you have an SSL certificate, follow these steps on the Facebook side.

  1. Log in to your Facebook for Developers account:

2. Add a New App

3. Then, fill in the form and click Create App ID.

4. Go through the security check and Submit.

5. Then you can see a Basic Settings, and you should fill a Privacy Policy URL and Category window.
Finally, click on the Add Platforms button.

6. Select a Page Tab.

7. Paste your landing page URL to the form and set up the name of your Page Tab. Remember - your landing page needs an SSL.
Also remember to save after you are finished.

8. Then, switch the button of making Landingi public.

9. Now the tricky part 😉
You will need to paste this address into your web browser, but before you do this, you need to swap YOUR_APP_ID and YOUR_URL:

10. You will find your YOUR_APP_ID here:

11. YOUR_URL is the URL of the landing page you want to connect.

12. This is an example of a finished link:

13. Last step. You will have to choose which Fan Page will get the tab.

Hope it helps :)
Please let us know whenever you need anything related to landing pages.

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