Convertkit is a popular email marketing tool which you can simply connect with your landing page.

Let's see how it works! :)

1. Open your Convertkit account and click on "Account settings".

2. Next, go to the API Key field and copy it.

3. When you' ve copy it, you can create a form where you will find your subscribers. Click on "Forms" tab.

4. If you are there, clicking on "Create Form" button.

5. Then, you can see two displayed options. Choose "Form".

6. On the next window, you can see form types to choose (it will be important if you would like to embed this form on your landing page). Anyway, you may choose one of those and the next window will give you options of your created form (mailing list). You may be interested in "Subscribers" tab where you can find all your collected leads.

7. Finally, on "Subscribers" tab you can find all details about your leads.

8. So, it is a time to set your integration in Landingi :) To do so, launch your landing page editor and double click on the form. Then choose an "Integrations" tab.

9. If you already find the "Convertkit" from a long list, click on it and put there a proper data such API Key and selected "Mailing list" (your created form)

10. On the bottom of the integration window, you can see your form fields and mapped ones from your Convertkit. 

11. Finally, save and close your changes and fill in your form to test it. 

12. How can you create fields to mapping in Convertkit? Nothing simpler!
If you generate a subscriber you can create a new field on your form. To do so, go to the Convertkit account, click on "Subscribers" tab and choose your acquired lead to get this possibility:

  • creating a new field:
  • giving the field name (in my case is 'testxxx'):

13. Once you have done it, move back to your form options in Landingi and check if the newly created field allows here.

If you will need any help to set this integration let us know! We will be very happy to help you :)

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