Finally, you can use a Drip to manage your email marketing with Landingi :)

In this case, you need to be sure what kind of Drip data you need to implement to your landing page form. That's why you may follow the steps below.

1. Log in to your Drip account. Then, find the "Account" tab from a drop down list.

2. Once you have clicked, bear in mind that you need to collect two specific data from here: Account ID and API Key. Scroll down the page and copy the first one. 

... to find the API Key, go back to the top of this page and click on followed text:

3. Now you can see a necessary data which you should copy too.

4. Once you have done it, go to the Landingi account and select your landing page. Launch the editor and double click on the form. Then choose an "Integrations" tab. 

5.  If you already find a "Drip" from a long list, click on it and put there a proper data such API Key and Account ID also.

6. On the bottom of the integration window, you can see your form fields and mapped ones from your Drip.

7. Finally, save and close your changes and fill in your form to test it. 

8. If you would like to find your custom fields in your Drip account you need to launch a "Subscribers" tab (where you will find your collected leads)  and click on "Custom fields". 

9. If your integration was set properly you need to see your tested lead inside Landingi and Drip account too.

So, good luck!

If you will need any help reach us out by in-app chat!

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