E-goi is an all-in-one tool, which you can use to create emails, SMS, fax, social media and voice call campaigns.
Integrating your landing pages with E-goi marketing system is really easy.

All you need is to have an API key from your E-goi account.
So, let's go!

1. Log into your E-goi account, or create it. Once ready, go to "Apps" tab.

2. There you can find a field with API Key, which you have to copy and move to the Landingi editor.

3. So, open your selected landing editor and click on form settings -"Edit".

4. Find the "Integrations" tab, choose E-goi from the list and one click on it.

5. Now, just paste your API code to your form integration options and connect your form fields with the fields in your E-goi account. Save and close the window after that.

Once you have completed the integration, you can publish your landing page and send a test lead, to check if the lead appears in your E-goi account.

If you encounter any problems, please contact us at support@landingi.com.

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