An Intercom is a communication tool which you can use to chat with your customers.
In order to integrate it with your landing page:

1. Make sure you have proper Intercom plan active.

2. Additionally, make sure you have enabled Intercom Messenger (Intercom app options).

3. Check if your landing page domain is on the whitelist (Intercom app options).

4. You are logged in to your Intercom App.

5. Also, log in to your Landingi app and choose the landing page.

6. Click on the "Settings" tab and "Intercom" tab as next.

7. Then, move to "Connect" button.

8. Intercom JavaScript code has been added to your landing page automatically. 

Well done!

If you will have any questions about this integration - let us know at We will be happy to help you :)

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