You can integrate your landing page with many 3rd party solutions. One of them is LiveChat which I explain in details in this article. 

If you want to add a LiveChat feature to your landing, you should use a JavaScript code, which is available in the settings panel of LiveChat.

1. First of all, please log into your LiveChat account and choose "Settings".

2. Next, move to the "Installation" tab, and copy the JavaScript code from there.

3. Choose the landing page which you want to add LiveChat to. Next, click the "JavaScript" code" bookmark.

4. Click "Add scripts" and paste your copied code into the scripts field.

To make the navigation easier, you can provide a name for the script.
Please add the script to 'Body bottom' of the main page.

If the script works correctly, a LiveChat widget will appear on the landing page.

5. Finally, save the changes by clicking "Save"
on the bottom of the box.
From now on, you will be able to provide live help to your visitors and actively convert them into customers.

If you will encounter any issues let us know at or
via chat!

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