LiveSpace is a sale and CRM tool. You just have to create a new landing page with a form, configure the integration and your landing page will automatically send all your leads to your CRM system.

To configure LiveSpace integration, you will need to go through those steps:

  • Log into your LiveSpace account (if you do not already have one, it is the best time to do it :)) and go to the "Account Settings" tab. Then from the left menu select "API" and click "Show" with the appropriate user name.
  • When the API key is displayed, copy it with the API secret and move to the editor of your landing page. Enter the "Edit" field of the form.
  • From the "Integration" tab, select "LiveSpace" and click it to go to this configuration.
  • Now you see, what data you have to put in the integration fields.
    You need to copy a name of the signed LiveSpace account, API key and API secret. Once you have done it, you can map fields from your integration. Then save changes.
  • When ready, you can publish your landing page and fill out the test form.
    Then verify that the data has been sent to your LiveSpace account.

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