POST integration is one of the ways to integrate with any external system.

It works like this:

a user sends the form -> user is then redirected to the conversion page -> the form is being processed in the background of Landingi app -> the data is being sent in the background to a given address.

So, how to configure POST integration inside Landingi? Have a look below:

1. Enter form settings.

2. Click the Integration tab and choose "POST integration".

3. Paste your endpoint Url address.

You will have to capture the data on the desired endpoint. It might take up to 4 minutes before the data is being processed by Landingi.

Please keep in mind, that preparation of the mechanism that receives and processes the data from a landing page on your server, is entirely on your side.

If you come across any problems let us know and we will try to help you.
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