Please notice, that this integration is still in beta version stage. As always, we will appreciate all the feedback you can provide us.

Once you are logged into your Salesflare Account, proceed to the account settings and find API keys bookmark:

If you do not have any API keys, please generate one using the button in the lower-right corner:

You will be asked to name your new key. Use the name you want and click "Create":

Once the API key is generated, please copy it:

Now it is time to log into Landingi and open the landing page you want to use, in the editor. Once there, enter the settings of the form you want to integrate, open "Integrations" bookmark and select Salesflare icon. 

A new window will appear. Here you need to paste your API key. If the key is correct, you should see a communicate like below:

Now you can set what fields your form will use. When done, assign your form fields to the fields available in Salesflare. Currently, you can use the following fields in this integration:

Next click "Save and close", and publish the landing page. It is a good practice to enter your landing page just after being published and test the form if the integration works correctly. 

Whenever a new lead is sent from your landing page, a new contact should appear in your Salesflare account. You can find it in "Contacts" bookmark:

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