SalesForce is a popular CRM platform which allows to maintain good relations with your current and potential prospects and partners.
Below, you will find the information how to integrate your landing page with it.

Note: This integration is only available in the Enterprise plan in SalesForce and the Automate plan in Landingi platform.

1. Generating API key for authorisation.

The first step is to generate the API Token on your SalesForce account. Log in to the platform and click to your profile icon, then go to "Settings" page:

In your "Settings" page, choose the tab: "My Personal Information" -> "Reset My Security Token" (left-side menu):

Click on the button "Reset Security Token".

After clicking on the button, a message with new API token will be send to your email bound to SalesForce account; you can use that API to integrate into Landingi platform.

2. Form configuration on a landing page

If you have already received your API token, you can proceed with the configuration of the form on your landing page, and its integration with your account in SalesForce.

Log in to your Landingi account, go to edition of the selected landing page and then to the form settings:

Go to the "Integrations" tab and choose from the list "SalesForce" platform:

Then, insert the login and password for the account in SalesForce and the previously generated API Token:

The last step is to combine the fields from your form with the lead fields in SalesForce:

Now you can save the integration settings and publish your landing page.

Note: if you have more forms on your landing page, you need to configure the integration separately for each of them.

From now on, the leads generated by the form on the landing page will be saved automatically to your account in SalesForce.

Having any problems with configuration, contact us at - we are waiting for you! 😄

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