1. Go the editor of your landing page and click on "Edit" in the form options bar - there you will find all available integrations in your current plan,

2. Now you are on the form options, next go to the "Integrations" tab and select the SALESmanago icon from the available list. Confirm a choice with one click,

3. Now, the list with a few field to fill in will appear in front of you. You must complete it with the data from the created account in SALESmanago.

If you have not set up an account yet, it is a time about! :)
When you log into, go to the "Settings" tab and click "Integration" from the left menu,

4. Then, move to the bottom of the page and focus on the data that you need to paste to your landing form. Copy and paste from there:

  • Website URL,
  • ID,
  • API key,
  • email used to set up a SALESmanago account (find it on the "Users" tab).

5. In the next step, add tags that have been given in your SALESmanago account ("CRM" - "Tags" tab in the SALESmanago account),

If you already have tags there, just type -MyTag- in "New tags" field in the edit form on your landing and click anywhere in the window - the system will integrate tags with SALESmanago itself.

You can map the fields, according to the fields in the integration below.
Once you have made the changes, click "Save and Close".

6. When you made changes, publish your landing page and go to its URL address. Fill in the form for test and check out, if your test lead appears on SALESmanago account ("CRM" - "Contact list" tab on the left side menu). 

If SALESmanago integration is not successful or you have other questions,
please email us at support@landingi.com - we keep waiting for you!

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