If you use Wordpress to create and manage your pages, then we have something special for you - our Wordpress plugin. It is going to allow you to publish landing pages alongside your Wordpress site.

Wordpress plugin requires some configuration on both ends - inside Landingi and your Wordpress installation.

Configuring Landingi

1. While logged in inside Landingi, go to "My Account" -> select "API" tab -> click on the "Add token".

2. A window will appear -> name your API token (Wordpress for example) and click on "Generate new token".

3. Your token has been generated. You will need it after you install the plugin (step 9).

4. You have two ways for installing plugin.
The first one is choosing a plugin from other plugins on the WordPress account.
And the second one is downloading from the link below and uploading it later on the WP account: 


5. It is time to install the plugin inside your Wordpress.
Log in to your administration panel -> choose "Plugins" tab -> Click "Add new"

If you encounter any problems during the installation, then you can always take a look at the alternative installation methods here.

6. Click "Upload Plugin".

7. Click on "Choose File" and select Landingi Plugin from your computer.

8. After you successfully install the plugin -> Activate it (or make sure it is activated).

9. Take a look at the left Wordpress Panel. You should be able to see Landingi tab by now. Click on it and select "Settings" option.
Paste API code you have generated inside Landingi panel earlier (step 3).
Remember to save your Api token.

10. The "Available Landings" option is going to show you a list of your landing pages inside your Landingi account. Click "Import" if you want to place a landing page alongside your Wordpress site.

11. The "Imported Landings" tab is going to show you a list of all the landing pages you have already imported. Easy :)

You can click "Edit" to change the URL address of your landing page.

Remember to click "OK" after you edit your URL address :)

With our plugin you are able to publish your landing page in a subfolder of first level (after a path), so your URL will lok like: my-domain.com/landing1
At the moment, our plugin does not support multi-level subfolders, like:

If you have any questions or problems - please drop us a line inside the chat window.

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