To integrate a form with Zoho, you will need Zoho token.
If you want to generate it, follow the steps from instruction below.

  • Log into Zoho and choose CRM icon.
  • Choose "Setup" in the right top corner.
  • Choose "Developer Space".
  • Click a gear icon in the right top corner in Developer Space.
  • Choose "Authentication Token Generation" option.
  • Write "landingi app" in a gap and click "Generate" button.
  • A new window will appear. Select the Zoho token and copy it.
  • Log into Landingi app. Open the editor and choose a form. Click a pencil icon "Edit".
  • Choose Zoho integration from the list.
  • Once you move there, type all information required and paste Zoho token. You can map fields with this from integration. When you put changes, click "Save and close".
  • Once you have completed the integration, you can publish your landing page and fill out the test form. Then verify that the data has been sent to your Zoho account.

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