Lead notifications work alongside any integration you have. Please keep in mind that a notification does not contain a lead - it is only an information that someone has used your form.

Take a look at the email integration if you want to receive full details about the lead.

The following manual will show you how to receive notifications about leads from the selected landing page. 

NOTE: To avoid problems with emails deliverability we suggest you - don't delete them without first reading and don't identify as a spam.

  1. Click on selected landing and choose from the available options a "Dashboard" tab.

2. In the settings select in the checkbox: "Send me an email after every new lead in landing page inbox" and save the changes. 

3. When you receive a new lead, a message will be sent to the account's owner address:

Title: [Name landing] You have a new lead in the inbox  
Message: You have received a new lead in the inbox. Log in to check.

Well done!

If you have any questions, don't be shy and email us at support@landingi.com!

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