Yo can manage your gained leads through  "Leads" tab,  which you will find in the left menu in the main window of Landingi app.

Where can I view the leads?

Log in to the app and go to the "Leads" tab. The highlighted leads are unread.

On the right you will find 3 icons. Clicking on each of them allows the following operations:

  • folder archives the lead,
  • the bin deletes the lead,
  • the arrow show lead's details in the sidebar.

The process of deleting the leads is irreversible. If you are not sure whether you will need the lead in the future, we recommend archiving.

Filtering leads

You can select from the drop-down menu at the top of the application filtering on specific campaigns (landing pages) - both active and archived, or select to display all leads together.

The category "Unassigned" means leads from all landing pages whose statistics have been reset. During the reset, the leads have been "unpinned" and fell into one category "Unassigned" - there is no possibility of regroup them later. 

How to export leads?

1. Click the "Export" button in the upper right corner of the application.

2. Choose your export settings (email, format) and click "Send"

How to archive leads?

1. Mark the leads that you want to archive and click on the folder icon that archives the selected leads.

2. A message will appear that the leads have been archived.

How to restore archived leads?

1. To restore an archived lead, enter the lead archive by clicking on "Show archived" in the right side of the app.

2. Choose lead/s you want to restore and click "Restore" (arrow).

3. To go back to your inbox click "Show inbox".

If you encounter any problems - let us know via chat :)

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