1. Go to your domains panel.

2. Click on the cog icon next to the domain you want to configure and choose a "Privacy policy".

3. Paste and edit your privacy policy in a new window.

4. Your privacy policy is available under the URL of your domain /policy.

For example: if your domain address is: domain.com your privacy policy is under the address domain.com/policy:

  • You can add this link in the editor like a text, button or cookie bar.
  • Another possibility is to include a link to the privacy policy in the checkbox text in the form.

You can do this by using the appropriate HTML code added to the field label, for example:
I accept a <a target = "blank" href = "https://landingi.com/policy">privacy policy</a>.

In this example, you see how the words "privacy policy" have been linked.
Just after href = parameter, put your own URL which will redirect to the policy, that you want to make available for the landing page users.
Make sure to insert the URL between quotation marks. 

If you have any questions, please use a chat or email us at support@landingi.com.

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