You can set a campaign schedule for each landing page. This allows you to start and stop displaying your landing page online within the selected time period, without having to manually deactivate the page at a specific time. In the schedule tab you can also set a 301 or 302 redirection. 

  1. First, go to the dashboard of the landing page for which you want to set the schedule.

2. Then go to the settings and click on Schedule tab.

3 In the new window you can set how long your landing page will be displayed. You can also enter the new URL to redirect traffic when the landing page is not available. Optionally, you can set forwarding GET parameters to the new URL. After making changes, click "Start". A calendar icon will appear next to the landing.

Both dates are required for the schedule to work properly. If you want the redirect to work immediately, set the starting date for the current day and the time that has already passed.

If you want to have 301 redirection relevant for SEO purposes, you should set it in the admin panel at your domain provider. The redirection you can do with the schedule in the Landingi app has a slightly different mechanism.

4. If you want to disable the schedule, click "Stop".

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