In order to protect our Users' work and data, we use the following solutions in Landingi:

  1. Editing of landing pages is possible only after user authorization, what requires entering a valid login and a password. Communication between the user and our databases within the editor is secured by SSL certificates;
  2. A new user needs to create a strong password. It is advised that it contains at least 8 characters, small and capital letters and special characters. The password strength is rated by a dedicated widget upon new account creation;
  3. You can create several different user types, having different permissions to the account management;
  4. It is possible to use SSL certificates that encrypt the connection between the browser and the server;
  5. Direct access to our server is possible only from our few, authorized IP addresses.

In order to maintain very high health level of the service:

  1. We use highly efficient hosting provided by Amazon Web Services;
  2. We monitor our servers 24/7;
  3. We have an auto-scaling server group, reacting to the server's usage (as the traffic increase, new instances are added).
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