Our developers are working hard to implement as many new functionalities as they can 😉
From now, you can try our new feature which allows you to export & import your landing page as a file.

1. Export

1.1 To make this feature available, you need to switch them on from our "Labs".

1.2 As next, you can choose a "Download" option from the drop-down list or a landing page dashboard...

... and accept the choice then.

2. Import (not available on the free trial)

So, you've finished export your landing page and you're ready for the next step: Import a landing page.  

2.1 Let's do this like you were creating a new landing page :)
Click on "Create new landing page" and choose "Create a landing page from a .landingi file" option.

2.2 When you upload an exported .landingi file, the new landing page should be display with a default name like below:

Well done 👍!

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