From now, you can try our new feature which allows you to export & import your landing page as a file in special .landingpage format. It allows you to transfer landing pages from one active account to another and is an alternative for merging them.

Note: If your old account is inactive - write to us, and we will help you with a transfer.

1. Export

You can choose a "Download" option from the drop-down menu or a landing page dashboard...

... and accept the choice then.

2. Import

When you've finished the export your landing page,  you're ready for the next step: the import of a landing page.  

2.1 Let's do this like you were creating a new landing page :)
Click on "Create new landing page" and choose "Upload a .landingpage file" option.

2.2 When you upload an exported .landingpage file, the new landing page should be display with a default name like below:

Note: The imported landing page is unpublished (as you can see, the URL is grey), so you need to publish it again under chosen domain by clicking the button "change domain".

Well done 👍!

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