If you would like to assign your landing page to your domain, first of all, you have to add a domain to your account.

  1. In this case, please log in to your account and open "Domains" tab.
    Click on "Add domain". 

2. A window will appear. Please enter the domain name that you want to add and click the "Add" button. You can add root domains, for example: domain.com , as well as subdomains, like: promotion.domain.com .
If you do not know, what is the difference between a root domain and a subdomain, please read the following article

3. In the next window, you will see detailed instructions regarding data to be added to the DNS records, that you need to enter in your domain administration panel, in order to use your domain/subdomain in Landingi. Please create required records.

You can find more information about redirecting a root domain here
and redirecting a subdomain here

4. Good job - the domain has just been added to your account!
It is now visible in "Domains" bookmark, and all the domains that you will add to your account in the future, will also be visible here.

After correctly added DNS records, you can publicate your landing page on own domain, under article below:

Summarize above steps:

  • add a domain/sub domain to your Landingi account,
  • enter the DNS records to redirect your domain/subdomain or embed a landing page on your own server,
  • publish your landing page on your own domain/subdomain,
  • using app with smiley :)!
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