If you would like to know what is the difference between a root domain and subdomain and how to add them to Landingi account - easy-peasy!
Only read those articles below:
"Root domain and subdomain - the differences."
"How to add a domain to your landingi account."

So, let's go over OVH domain redirection.

  • Log into your OVH admin panel, choose your domain and click on redirections tab.

  • Click "Add an entry".

  • Once you have do it, add two DNS: CNAME and A records. If you do not remember DNS settings, find it here

CNAME record:

To make a redirection works properly, you need to add a 'dot' on the end of the address.

A record:

  • In addition, remove all TXT type records from a DNS zone, which are added.

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